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Friday, 1 February 2013

THE "Say What?" NEWS

You just can't make some of this stuff up - but it seems that the midgets of the world are rebelling - On 27th December in Norwich, a man was attacked by two Ommpa Loompas - I kid you not. Three men have since been arrested following the assault involving two people dressed as Oompa-Loompas.

Norfolk police had called for witnesses to the attack on a man by four people, including two dressed as the fictional characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The attack happened on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, between 3.20am and 3.30am on 27 December.

According to police, the alleged victim was knocked to the ground and hit several times. Two of the attackers were described as wearing hooded tops, with dyed green hair and painted orange faces, a force spokesman said.

On Monday, a spokesman said: "Two men in their late teens and one man in his early 20s, all from the North Walsham area, were arrested on Saturday on suspicion of GBH."

The men have been released on bail until March.

And in Melbourne Australia a man was attacked by a band of rampaging Smurfs -ABC news reported that -
Police have arrested four men in relation to an attack at a Melbourne convenience store by a group dressed as Smurfs.
They have questioned three 19-year-olds and an 18-year-old, who handed themselves into police this afternoon.

A 37-year-old man was allegedly confronted by men in blue at the store in Pascoe Vale last month.
Police say one of the Smurfs demanded the man light a cigarette for him, but he was attacked when he refused.

The men are expected to be charged on summons with assault.

Another amusing story I picked up on over the last week concerns a sighting of Superman flying over California - vAn RC enthusiast created a life-sized, remote-controlled version of the Man of Steel and has been flying it over the dunes straddling the Pacific Coast Highway near Carlsbad, Calif.
Stunned spectators have been stopped in their tracks, but, luckily, one cyclist had the presence of mind to whip out his iPhone and make a video. And I've embedded the YOU TUBE VIDEO below

According to the LA Times blog, published on Jan. 3, Kyle Gough was cycling along the PCH with a buddy when suddenly they were shocked to see Superman soaring overhead.
"We stopped, got off our bikes just in time to watch him land. After a quick battery change, I grabbed the only thing I had on me (my cellphone, sorry for the quality) and took some video of what is EASILY the coolest custom RC plane I've ever seen."

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