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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


The Willygate saga continues with it now looking extremely unlikely that The Strolling Bones will tour to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary which falls next month, and insiders are saying that the band are finished, that Mick Jagger hates Keith Richards and it's all because Keith made fun of the contents of Jagger's hot pants.

This week saw a media blitz from the Stones and the official line is that a world tour is on hold because of Keith's health but it is common knowledge that relations between the two main members Mick and Keith are at the worse they have ever been. The pair have had their ups and downs but this week an article in the Daily Mail newspaper claimed that Jagger and Richards have not really spoken since Jagger took umbrage at some of the claims in Keith Richards' autobiography, Life which came out in 2010.

In the book Keith talks candidly about his old pal, Mick Jagger, referring to him as Lady Mick and claiming he had an incredibly small penis. By revealing that he's got a tiny todger Mick feels that Keith violated their friendship completely, damaged his reputation and that of the Rolling Stones.

However Mick Jagger shouldn't feel too bad that the truth is out about  his  wee willy winkie. So what if his jumping jack flash is unlikely to provide satisfaction and that his image as a sex symbol is all over now? Lady Mick is not alone and other celebrities reported to be lacking in the penis stakes include Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig and Jude Law. So maybe it's time for Jagger to stop trying to compensate for his puny penis by acting like a big dick.

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