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Monday, 25 March 2013

Don't forget to put your teeth in.....

This coming Sunday is kinda special - yeah, I know it's Easter and that means chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies but it also means deadly frogs.

Granny Smith and the Deadly Frogs, the second book in the Granny Smith series will be available for sale on that day. And I'm getting excited now that I've seen the completed eBook - all formatted correctly and checked and re-checked several times by several eyes- let's hope no typos slip through the net.

The first Granny Smith novel, Granny Smith Investigates was a great success and for one day reached as high as number 3 on the Amazon Cozy Crime chart. And I hope the second book will consolidate and build on the success of the first.

When I originally created Granny Smith I placed her in her early Sixties, but after several emails from readers I realised I had made a mistake and that Granny should be older. And so because of the simplicity of recalling an eBook, editing and then putting the updated version on sale I (Kindle owners who have bought the eBook should get the updated version automatically) made her ten years older. And thus when I came to write the second book I realised I had a much better hold on the character, and that my readers had been right she did work better as a much older character.

That's the reality of publishing to eBook - it's a different world and in one sense a book is far more alive than it ever was in print, and can continue to develop with input from the readers.The main thrust of Granny will always be digital but there is a deal on the table for print versions of her adventures, and I'm hoping to get these POD books ready by this summer, but I'll likely make it a rule that the print version only becomes available six moths after the eBook sees publication.

The world Granny Smith operates in is very much a reflection of the real world, and whilst I may not have held a mirror up to the real world, I've most certainly held up one of those amusement park bendy, twisty mirrors. All of the characters who seemed to make an impression on readers in the first book are back - Dai Twice is on the case, Gerald is preparing to take a big step forward in his life and Chief Inspector Miskin is fuming away in the corner of the pages. And of course our intrepid amateur sleuth, the geriatric crime-fighter,  Miss Marple on Steroids herself,  is out there ensuring justice is delivered.

I'll be writing more about Granny for the Archive this week - hey, I've got to make a living and also have a Vlog planned - that's a video blog post in which I will tell Archive readers a little of what they can expect from the second Granny Smith novel. So be here or, as they used to say in Granny's day, be square.

Catch you later....

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