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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Game of Thrones Episode by Episode - 1/2 The Kingsroad

The Kingsroad
Written by David Benoff and D B Weiss

The pace slows somewhat for the second episode and we learn that Bran survived his fall (he was tossed from a window by Jamie Lannister in the first episode) but lies unconscious. Initially it doesn't look like he will survive the fall but as the days pass it becomes clear that Bran is made of stronger stuff, and although he remains unconscious it does look like he will pull through. This worries Queen Cersei who believes the boy will disclose news of  her incestuous affair with her twin brother, Jamie.And soon she is plotting Bran's death. Another element in this episode sees John Snow, Ned Stark's bastard son, leaving Winterfell to serve at the wall with the Night Watch. Later An assassin is sent to kill you Bren but he is beaten off by Bren's mother, Catelyn and a direwolf cub. The direwolf then takes up position on the unconscious boy's bed, protecting him.

Catelyn decides not to send news of  the plot to her husband, Ned who is on his way to become the Hand of the King - she decides that the information she holds is too dangerous to entrust to a raven, and so she calls together those she can trust, which includes her oldest son Robb Stark. It is decided that Catelyn herself should travel and meet with her husband who is travelling the Kingsroad towards King's Landing where he will assume the duties of Hand of the King.

We also learn more of Prince Geoffrey's character and he really is a cowardly wretch, and a sadistic one at that. A sub-plot here involves Geoffrey as he together with Sansa comes across Arya playing in the woods with a peasant boy. He gets his comeuppance though when Arya bests the prince and then the the girl's direwolf attacks him. Though he gets his revenge when the direwolf's are slaughtered and the peasant boy hunted down and killed by Geoffrey's protector, or hound as he is called here.

Elsewhere, across the Narrow Sea in the continent of Essos, the exiled, arrogant Viserys Targaryen , son of the former king whose throne was usurped, believes he still has the rightful claim to the throne. In the previous episode he  married off his younger sister, Daenerys Targaryen to  Khal Drogo, he leader of the Dothraki warrior tribe, in an exchange for an army to return to Westeros and take the throne. In this episode it becomes apparent that Daenerys is going to play a big part in the story ahead.

The episode ends with Bren suddenly opening his eyes, which sets up the cliffhanger for the next episode. I'd rate this episode 9/10, as it does drag in places but then given the incredible pace of the first episode this may have been inevitable as the world is further expanded. To sum up then an excellent episode which whilst not as thrilling as the pilot it does lay down a lot of much needed exposition.

Next 1/3 Lord Snow
Written by David Benioff and D B Weiss

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