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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Hobbit (DVD)

I found The Hobbit a better viewing experience on DVD than I did when I saw it in the cinema - it still felt bloated, and took an age to get going, but the fact that I could relax at home, allowing the movie to play out on my home cinema system meant that I didn't find it such a grind. 

 Of course my expectations were high when I originally went to see the movie on the big screen. I was expecting another Middle Earth masterpiece from Jackson, so  no wonder I was pissed off. The Hobbit is far less of a movie than any of the Jackson's other three Middle Earth movies.

With the Hobbit Jackson seems to have traded artistic integrity for the lure of big money, and the affects of stretching such a slim story into three epic length bank account bulging movies, is evident when sitting through the Hobbit - or rather An Unexpected Journey which is the first of the three movies Jackson has made based around Tolkein's novel. Of course I suppose the ultimate judgement will be passed when all three movies have been released, but judging on this first part there's going to be a lot of tedium involved. I remember when I first saw Fellowship of the Ring and I couldn't wait for the next movie, but as for the Hobbit I think I'll wait for the DVD next time.

Mind you Martin Freeman is excellent as Bilbo and the second 90 minutes of the movie is absolutely thrilling, but the problem is that overall the movie is just so damn boring. I consider Jackson's original Middle Earth trilogy to be cinematic masterpieces that will live forever, but the Hobbit is just a poor imitation. 

Maybe Jackson's lost it - after all his King Kong didn't exactly meet expectations, and his The Lovely Bones was not the artistic powerhouse he so obviously hoped for.

Ahh well, let's hope the next movie is better.

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