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Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Star Trek Flops

I read a surprising fact among all the Star Trek info which is starting to appear around the Internet as the
world prepares for the premiere of Star Trek II . This fact was, coming from Paramount themselves,  that although the Star Trek movies have done well in the US market, none have been particularly huge business outside the home market  This did surprise me and I always thought  the UK had  a huge Star Trek fanbase, which it does but that hasn't always meant blockbuster box office results.

The Star Trek revamp was huge in the US but made just $128 million overseas. Compare those numbers to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which also hit that year and actually made more internationally with $434 million compared to $402 million here in the U.S.

Paramount are hoping  to change that when Star Trek 2 is released  - the premier iMax tickets have already sold out. However there is some fan dissent across the message boards with many feeling that the trailers released so far suggest an all action Star Trek, with the cerebral aspects that gave Star Trek its strengths  ignored in an attempt to appeal to action movie fans. One fan even called Star Trek 2, Die Hard in space.

Paramount are so determined to boost overseas sales that Star Trek 2 will be released in most overseas markets a full week before the US.

The official figures for the entire series reads

Movie Name   1st Weekend   US Gross   Worldwide Gross   Budget   
12/7/1979Star Trek: The Motion Picture$11,926,421$82,258,456$139,000,000$35,000,000
6/4/1982Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan$14,347,221$79,912,963$96,800,000$12,000,000
6/1/1984Star Trek III: The Search for Spock$16,673,229$76,471,046$87,000,000$18,000,000
11/26/1986Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home$16,881,888$109,713,132$133,000,000$24,000,000
6/9/1989Star Trek V: The Final Frontier$17,375,648$52,210,049$70,200,000$30,000,000
12/6/1991Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country$18,162,837$74,888,996$96,900,000$27,000,000
11/18/1994Star Trek: Generations$23,116,394$75,671,262$120,000,000$38,000,000
11/22/1996Star Trek: First Contact$30,716,131$92,027,888$150,000,000$46,000,000
12/11/1998Star Trek: Insurrection$22,052,836$70,187,658$117,800,000$70,000,000
12/13/2002Star Trek: Nemesis$18,513,305$43,254,409$67,312,826$60,000,000
5/8/2009Star Trek$79,204,289$257,730,019$385,680,446$140,000,000

Star Trek 2----

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