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Friday, 5 April 2013

The Willgate saga climaxes

It started when Keef went on about the small size of Mick's penis in his entertaining autobiography, Life. Throughout the book Keef referred to Mick as Lady Mick and Princess Jagger and this caused a rift in their already strained relationship. Mick, he of the tiny todger, refused to speak to  Keef and the hopes that they would perform together for the 50th anniversary of the bank didn't look likely.

The relationship between Keef and Mick was always volatile but Jagger went nuts when Keef's book made fun of his penis and revealing that where the ladies are concerned, Mick couldn't give no satisfaction. It all led to a hilarious series of press reports in which ex girlfriends either denied or admitted the Jagger plonker was a tiny todger.

In his book Keef claims he discovered the truth about his old friend’s bits and pieces during a tryst he had in 1960 with Marianne Faithfull, then Jagger’s girlfriend. To make matters worse, he added how it had been his good fortune to bury his head in Faithfull’s “beautiful jugs” 

And so it didn't look like the Stones would ever appear together again.

However out of the blue it was announced that the Stones would play this year's Glastonbury festival and now we've learned that the Stones will play a concert in London's Hyde Park - though anyone expecting another free open air concert in the park, as the Stones did in 1968, can think again. Now, 44 years on, the Stones are to play Hyde Park again, it was announced yesterday. But this time, fans will have to buy their tickets – with the cheapest costing £95 and VIP seats expected to be three times as much.Today’s corporate world sees the event in central London sponsored by Barclaycard – and health and safety rules mean the crowd will be limited to 65,000.

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