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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Battlestar Galactica - The Eye of Jupiter and beyond

God or Cylon?
Over the last few weeks I've become hooked on Battlestar Galactica and have now gone through three seasons and have only twenty more episodes to go before this insanely addictive and clever SF series come to a close. Battlestar Galactica (that's the re-imagined series and not the original disco in space that was the 1970's original) is likely the strangest, most audacious and intense small screen SF series I've ever seen.

The third season ended by revealing four of the final five Cylons to us and what a shock that was - ever since it was revealed that there were twelve humanoid Cylons and that we had only seen seven models, I've been barking up the wrong cyber tree. I never would have suspected two of those revealed (I won't name them here just for those who, like me, had never seen the show) - Those two were the last characters I suspected. Still the identity of the last unknown Cylon model is a mystery and from what I've seen so far it could be anyone - Adama, Apollo, Roslin, even Baltar. Though Balter seems an unlikely suspect since he seems to have become some sort of messianic figure. Will it finally be reveled that Baltar is the son of God?

Like the original Battlestar Galactica which was basically made to cash in on the boom in all things SF following the original Star Wars movie, the re-imagination is based around the survivors of a human/Cylon war and the search for the fabled lost planet called Earth. The computer generated dog fights in space are incredibly well done and look superb on a big screen TV, and sound even better though a good sound system.

There were some filler episodes throughout the three seasons I've seen so far, but the show mostly follows this weird mystical arc with the differences between humans and Cylons becoming increasingly blurred. If you've never seen the show then I would urge you to do so, even if you are not a fan of TV SF. Battlestar Glactica is in a class of its own.

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