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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

TAINTED ARCHIVE: All good things.....

Since starting The Tainted Archive way back in 2008 there haven't been many days when I haven't posted at least something - more often than not posting several times a day. However I have decided that now is the time to call it a day and as a result this will be the final post here on the Archive.

 I will of course move on and launch a new blog which will concentrate more on my own work and hopefully help shift some books - you can find the new site HERE. Granted there's not much content there at the moment but give it time and it will grow, hopefully gaining the same popularity as the Archive enjoyed and indeed continues to enjoy. So please bookmark the new blog folks.

The Archive's been a magazine type blog and I've always wanted to offer interesting content that you wouldn't find anywhere else and for the most part I think I succeeded, but there is only so much time available to us all and I know that I must now throw my full attention at my own work - both creating and publicising that work - the Archive is not really the place to do that.

Over recent months I've found myself posting less and less on the Archive and rather than allow to blog to limp onwards (it's too good for that), I feel the thing to do is bring it to a full and final stop.

It's been great fun running the Archive and I'm proud of what I've achieved with this blog - there are some great author interviews in the archives, as well as articles covering pretty much any subject you can think of. We've pretty much documented the entire eBook revolution over the years, as well as seen the rise of self publishing and  given self published writers a platform that brought them some much needed attention. We've run special themed weekends and done our utmost to keep the western (my favourite) genre alive and kicking.

But I think that in order to stay fresh it is necessary to put the Archive to sleep and start with an all new canvas.

And so as a great man once said, 'Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.'

And to end on a high here are the latest Amazon Black Horse Western charts with two of my titles sitting in the top ten:

Bestselling hardbacks on - 13 May 2013
Charts supplied by Black Horse Express.

1. South to Sonora (Black Horse Western) by Michael Stewart (30 Apr 2013)


2. Hell Fire in Paradise (Black Horse Western) by Chuck Tyrell (30 Nov 2010)


3. The Ballad of Delta Rose (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (29 Jul 2011)


4. Beyond Redemption (Black Horse Western) by I. J. Parnham (31 Aug 2012)


5. Wild Bill Williams (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (31 Oct 2012)


6. Brazos Fugitive (Black Horse Western) by Tyler Hatch (31 Mar 2010)


7. Drive to Redemption (Black Horse Western) by Mike Deane (31 May 2011)


8. Nine Dead Men (Black Horse Western) by Walter L Bryant (30 Dec 2012)


9. Trail to the Cazadores (Black Horse Western) by Mark Bannerman (30 Apr 2013)


10. Ace High in Wilderness (Black Horse Western) by Rob Hill (30 Jun 2011)



Bill Crider said...

I'll miss the Archive, but I'll be following the new site now. Congrats on having two books in the top 10!

Nik said...

Gary, you've done sterling work on this blog and there's a marvellous body of reference in the Archive. Indeed, the Archive is mentioned in my forthcoming book Write a western in 30 Days - so I'm glad it will still be there for reference purposes for new western writers. Take a rest - and I'll see you at your new site.

Charles Gramlich said...

Just have to say that over the years. Well done, man!

Seriously Though said...

oh no. I'll miss this blog. I guess all good things must come to an end.. :( I'll follow at your other site. good luck

Oscar said...

Well done, Gary/Jack. I'll move on to your new blog and give it a go.

Steve M said...

I, too, will miss this blog, but will ve following your new one.