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Thursday, 26 September 2013

I was a Teenage Movie Goer


The adverts boasted on the cinema screens when I was a teenage movie goer - these AD's from those long gone days were usually for the local tandoori house, or a transport company. I can remember a particular AD for Lyon's Maid Ice Cream that seemed to run whatever the movie that was playing - thus you'd be tempted to some nice smooth tasting ice cream from your local store whether you were enjoying Star Wars or leaching at Confessions of a Window Cleaner.

Quite often the same advert was shown all over the country but the end of the AD would point you to a local store. For instance I remember a great AD for the Airfix range of model kits and in our local cinema the AD would end with an announcement like Airfix Kits are stocked at Mel's on Cambrian Avenue. Elsewhere the AD would direct the viewer to a store in their own locality.

Perhaps the most famous UK cinema advertising company are Pearl and Dean who were founded in 1953 and are still going strong today. Indeed the company, now a part of the Image Group,  today have contracts in more than half of the UK cinemas and serve the large chains such as Odean, Empire, Showcase and AMC.

 And although their style of advertising have changed since the day of still images being presented on the screen with a narrative from a high class voice that could have come directly from a Harry Enfield sketch, they are still trying to temp movie fans to enjoy a McDonalds after the movie or book a holiday with the local estate agents chain.

Below I have embedded a selection of old cinema AD's that I found on You Tube....enjoy!

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