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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Iron Man 3

If this does turn out to be Downey Jnr's final Iron Man movie then Marvel Pictures have a difficult task filling the iron suit - the film is action packed as expected but the fact that we've had the Avengers movie and seen a goodly chunk of the Marvel universe created on the big screen works against the picture. When the chips are down it seems odd that Captain America, Thor and the others don't show up to help Tony Stark out particularly when the life of the President of the USA is very much on the line. It is also odd given that the movie deals with domestic terrorism and yet Nick Fury or Shield don't turn up. I

That said Iron Man 3 is another entertaining addition to the Marvel movies, with Downey Jnr dominating the movie, though Ben Kingsley is excellent as the Manderin, and there's a great twist there which I won't give away here. Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts has much more to do this time around and no longer is she used as eye candy but this time gets to do some great smashing and bashing of her own.

Iron Man 3 then is OK but it's certainly not up there with the best superhero movies.

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