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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Marvel's Agents of Shield off to a strong start

Marvel's Agents of Shield looks like it's got the chops to become a long running series - the show which takes place in the Marvel universe offers several nods to last year's big screen blockbuster, The Avengers. The piolt certainly delivered the good, though no Nick Fury. 

Agent Phil Coulson who was last seen being killed in the Avengers movie leads the agents in this new all action TV series. The pilot gives us a backstory that his death was faked in the Avengers though there are several hints that this may not be the case after all, which is a mystery that creator, Joss Whedon will no doubt build on over the coming episodes.

The pilot did well stateside opening with 11.9 million viewers which delighted ABC especially as the show went up against strong offerings from both NBC and CBS, and the news coming through reveals that Shield tied with The Voice in viewing figures. 

The show gets its first UK showing this coming Friday on Channel 4.

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