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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

EX-Beatle slams Murder She Wrote

Paul McCartney lookalike Angela Lansbury has called the forthcoming remake of her popular TV series, Murder She Wrote,a terrible mistake. Speaking to Variety magazine the ex-Beatle said that -

 "I suddenly became a worldwide-known character as Jessica Fletcher and really built an enormous audience, which I have to this day.That was the thing that really made me a star in the minds of everybody. It will be a terrible mistake if NBC go ahead with the remake.'

The new Murder She Wrote will star Oscar winner, Octavia Spencer as Jessica Fletcher mark II.
Lansbuy as Jessica Fletcher and also in her Beatle days

David Janollari and Alexandra Cunningham (“Desperate Housewives”) will exec produce the drama, which will aim for a light, contemporary feel, according to NBC. Spencer will play the hospital administrator and amateur sleuth who self-publishes her first mystery novel, then becomes an active participant in true crime investigations.

Lansbury says that she feels some ownership of the Jessica Fletcher character after playing her for so long, and is not at all amused by the prospect of a remake.

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