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Friday, 15 November 2013

Fifty Years in Time and Space 11 - The Night of the Doctor

The latest BBC mini-adventure, available online now, will have fans of the show punching the air in glee. Not only does it see the return of Paul McGann as the eighth doctor but also contains his regeneration into John Hurt, or the War Doctor. Which means that Christopher Eccleston's Doctor was actually the tenth and not the ninth. Um, I'm sure this will all be explained in time.

"Well, we had our new ‘hidden mystery’ Doctor and I was thinking, what else can we do for our anniversary year… I thought… Why don’t we get Paul McGann in and regenerate him into John Hurt? I’d like to see that! I’d love to see that! And we had this possibility that we could do it as a surprise, so we got in touch with Paul who was dead keen and I’m delighted to say he was so happy to join in with the idea of keeping it secret. He was childishly excited about it!
Paul came along and shot it - it was the last two days of the shoot for the fiftieth, actually. He did a wonderful job. It was great! We designed a new costume for him based on his old one. Howard Burden did a fantastic job with that." Steven Moffet.

The mini episode is embedded below.
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