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Friday, 15 November 2013

Fifty years in Time and Space 12 - Magazine Watch - Doctor Who Magazine special available now

On sale now for £7.99 is the Doctor Who Magazine special which comes in a neat package stuffed full of Doctor Who material - Firstly there is the 116 page Fifty Year souvenir issue itself which is packed with great articles and photographs. Alongside the magazine there are a set of twelve art cards, one for each Doctor and these are of high quality and suitable for framing should you be so inclined. There is also a mini magazine which celebrates year one of Doctor Who in fine retro fashion.

Alongside all these goodies the magazine gives away nine audio adventure downloads from the highly regarded Big Finish range. You simply visit the Big Finish website and enter the codes supplied with the magazine to get your free downloads. How cool is that!

The magazine is available in newsagents now


gobshyte said...

i have a doctor who related all the lineups of all the doctors over the last 50 years peter cushings version of the doctor is never included.any idea why this is?i thought initially that maybe because its a cinema version but then so was paul mcganns.and how did the original doctor go from being an eccentric inventor with a grand daughter to a timelord?just a few questions for you this morning!! thanks very much


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

It's complicated but Peter Cushing was actually playing the first doctor, the same character as William Hartnell so the cinema version is not considered canon. McGann was not a cinema movie but a TV movie and is canon. The time lord aspect developed as the show went on. Initially no one thought the show would survive beyond the first Doctor.