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Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Invasion of the Extraterrestrial Lesbian babysitters and their anal probing Thingummyjig

Don't you just hate it when someone uses a lurid headline, unconnected to the rest of the article, just to get your attention!

Still now you're here you may as well read on.

Age is a state of mind!

Granny Smith, that intrepid pensioner sleuth is back in a new adventure, The Welsh Connection.

It's the wedding of the year as the Smith clan jet off to Disneyland Paris to celebrate the marriage of Gerald and Wayne. The usual murder and mayhem follows - the world's gayest wedding could be one of the deadliest.

To celebrate the publication of the spiffing new novel, the previous two Granny Smith novels are on a countdown deal where they will be priced at next to nothing for 144 hours.

So go get The Welsh Connection available exclusively at Amazon for one month before appearing in all other eBook stores. And while you're there why not take advantage on the superb deals on the first two books - not only will you get a damn good read but your hard earned pennies will help this writer heat his freezing garret this winter.

'Even chicks with dicks lose their appeal next to Granny Smith.'

Get connected - Granny Smith: The Welsh Connection Available now.

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