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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Round up

* There's a review of my current western, The Afterlife of Slim McCord (available now folks) HERE

* Many years back, during my youth, I wrote a textual adventure game for the ZX Spectrum computer - remember those little rubber keyed beasts - and it was fairly successful, even had a good review that in legendary Crash magazine. Well I've found out that it is now available online from the World of Spectrum website which archives old computer game. You can download it for free HERE and then with the aid of a free emulator program, also from World of Spectrum, you can pretend its the 1980's again and play this game.

Operation Thunderbowel, a spoof on the James Bond series, casts you as Shamus Bond as you try to save the UN from being poisoned with an extremely powerful laxative.

Check out the original Crash Magazine review below

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