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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sherlock - His Last Vow

After the off-beat story last week the third and final story in season three was a blinder, and left us with the return of Moriarty-or did it? Well it certainly seemed to be the case that the devlish fiend had returned from the dead, and given the recent ressurection of Holmes itself it seems that anything is possible in the surreal world of Sherlock. Mind you Moriarty's reincarnation is going to take some explaing especially as we saw him blow out his brains at the end of the previous season.

When Holmes returned from the dead this season many felt that the explanation was weak and that by showing several possible scenarios of how the great detective fakes his death this show has confused many of the fans, but nevertheless we went with it because of the quality of the show. And now it seens the writers are trying to pull the same trick twice.

Only time will tell but for now it seems Moriarty lives.

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