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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Archive's Writer's News

Self Publishing - Lancashire University is to soon launch the world's first MA degree in self publishing. The course will be launched in September 1914 and aims to help writers on along the rocky road that is self publishing.

Sensational Reading - Researchers with too much time on their hands at Massechusetts Institute of Technology have developed a wearable book which allows the reader to experience the same conditions as detailed in the book they are reading. The vest which is connected to a book will alter temperature and vibration to mimic whatever the main character is experiencing in the book.

A new book show - has been launched on the web. Book Break is filmed as live and billed as the first Internet Book Show and you can find the first episode HERE. I do hope this show proves successful as it's well done and provides a much needed professional quality book show. So get over and watch the show and subscribe to the You Tube channel. The first show is also embedded below - 183 million printed books were sold in the UK last year -- and many more ebooks besides - yet still there is no dedicated book show on British screens. Until now.

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Oscar said...

That vest must be like a singing greeting card.