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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sexton Blake and The More Information Case

Recently I posted a feature about an old pulp book from the Sexton Blake Library that I picked up in Cardiff's Excellent Troutmark Books. The piece is HERE and in the piece I wondered about author Walter Tyrer. The piece was read by Archive friend, Keith Chapman who wrote a piece on the author for the Bookshelves and Brown Ale Blog.

Once a member of the editorial team at the Sexton Blake Library and later editor of the Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine, Keith now writes westerns in the Black Horse series under the name Chap O`Keefe and has recently been involved in re-issuing his O`Keefe titles as e-books ( ).

 the informed article can be read HERE.

1 comment:

Nick O said...

Not that it`s all that important, but the piece on `Bookshelves` was actually written by me rather than Keith.

You might like to know that I am currently in touch with Walter Tyrers` daughter Jennifer with regard to writing an article about her fathers` life and career.

I`ll let you know once it appears online.