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Monday, 10 February 2014

Are Sony on their way out of the eBook market?

Speculation that Sony are to get out of the eBook market is at fever pitch after the company recently announced that all Sony eBooks bought from its US and Canadian stores will automatically be transferred over to Kobo in March 2014. This means that the US and Canadian Sony eBooks stores will no longer exist and customers will be directed towards the Kobo site. Sony is still operating in the UK and the rest of the world markets but it must only be a matter of time before UK Sony users find themselves using the Kobo store.

In 2011 Sony had 21% of the eBook market but today the company find themselves able to claim less than 1% of the overall eBook market. Readers who own Sony eReaders will find an update placing the Kobo AP onto their devices and future books will come from the Kobo store. Sony are to continue producing eReaders but for how long this will continue is anyone's guess.

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