Sunday 3 July 2022

Whisky Talk.......


Only a few years back whiskey/whisky was a drink that I often enjoyed, but didn't really appreciate in the way I do now. I'd drink it of course, some times a lot of it. I'd enjoy the taste, savour the aroma, chase the finish. I drunk perhaps two brands on a regular basis, White and MacKay and Famous Grouse and whilst I continue to enjoy both brands,  I have over the last few years gained a lot more experience with the golden liquid. I still drink scotch, (Irish, Canadian, Welsh and every other iteration of the water of life) but I am primarily a bourbon drinker with Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace being my everyday tipple of choice.

 Yep, every night I have at least one dram before bed. And why should I not! Life is short, so enjoy it while you can. And besides I am a firm believer that whisky in moderation is good for both body and mind.

It was the pandemic that turbo charged my whisky experience - with so much time on my hands I started trying other brands, reading books, browsing websites and bit by bit my knowledge and appreciation of the spirit grew. Today I know and can taste the difference between the various different kinds of whisky, and there are many. I know how to read a bottle label, I am familiar with the history and output of numerous distilleries and names like Eddie Russell, Richard Patterson, Rachel Barrie and  Tadashi Sakuma have become familiar to me.

It's more than a drink I suppose. It's a sensory journey of sight, smell and taste and whilst I still have far to go in my quest for that perfect dram, the one to rule all others, I'm eagerly anticipating each and every step.


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