Sunday 7 December 2014

The Sheriff by Chuck Tyrell

 I'll be bringing the Archive back to life this week, after weeks of being snowed under with work and I've got some exciting western related news coming, including stirrings from the Chap O'keefe camp, as well as a look at the latest titles from the astounding line built up by Piccadilly Publishing.

And so to kick things off I'd like to direct western fanatics to the new book from Chuck Tyrell. The book's available as a low priced eBook, and anyone wanting a western fix should check it out.

 Four riders pounded toward us from the east, raising a cloud of dust and firing like they had all the bullets in the world. I took a bead on the lead horse, a three-color paint, and squeezed off a shot. The horse went down and the rider tumbled head over heels to the ground. When he scrambled to his feet, I put him down again with a shot in the brisket. I jacked another shell into my Winchester. 
    I switched my aim to another rider, not worrying about the one I’d shot. He was dead.
    The other three scattered. There wasn’t all that much cover on the flat, but they ran for what there was. Andy was firing, but the running horses showed that his lead took little effect.
    “Aim for the horses,” I hollered.
    A six-gun cracked and a bullet plowed into the dirt not an inch from my left foot. I whirled and pulled the trigger when the Winchester’s muzzle lined up with Denny, whose hand worked at earing back the hammer of an old Colt Army M1861. My bullet took him just above the belt buckle and knocked him on his butt, where he sat, staring with disbelieving eyes at the blood stain spreading on his shirt.

The eBook is available now - it's on my own Kindle and I'll be getting to it pretty soon - things have been so frantic lately that I haven't had any time to read fiction of any kind - (rare for me since I've always got a book on the go). And I can recommend this book with confidence because Chuck Tyrell, a man who also, like myself, publishes westerns with Black Horse Westerns always delievers a totally readable and enjoyable book. But don't just take my word for it - Chuck's won an award or two.

Charles T. Whipple, an international prize-winning author, uses the pen name of Chuck Tyrell for his Western novels. Whipple was born and reared in Arizona’s White Mountain country only 19 miles from Fort Apache. He won his first writing award while in high school, and has won several since, including a 4th place in the World Annual Report competition, a 2nd place in the JAXA Naoko Yamazaki Commemorative Haiku competition, the first-place Agave Award in the 2010 Oaxaca International Literature Competition, and the 2011 Global eBook Award in western fiction. Raised on a ranch, Whipple brings his own experience into play when writing about the hardy people of 19th Century Arizona. Although he currently lives in Japan, Whipple maintains close ties with the West through family, relatives, former schoolmates, and readers of his western fiction. Whipple belongs to Western Fictioneers, Western Writers of America, Arizona Authors Association, American Society of Journalists and Authors, Asian American Journalists Association, and Tauranga Writers Inc.

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