Friday, 13 May 2022

Strange New Worlds: At last the real Star Trek is back


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the latest series in the long running franchise is seriously refreshing after all the angsty, boring  star trudges of recent years. 

It's arguably closer to the original series than any other version of the show, and does away with the season long arcs that were getting tiresome in favour of episodic storytelling and genuine chemistry between the cast members.

Beam me up.....

Friday, 25 February 2022

Ode to my dram

 I've always liked a dram of whisky - or whiskey since I often stray from the Scotch variety - but over these last few years I've gotten into the drink in a big way. That is I've stopped just drinking the stuff, though I do a fair bit of that, and started to evaluate what it is that makes that golden liquid in the glass so alluring. Drinking whisky/whiskey is more than the simple act of glass to mouth and swallow; it is a journey across fragrant pastures, through fields of corn and grain, into oaky casky caverns, charred walls of grapey residue. A red nosed Tomb Raider, exploring, seeking, longing sustenance - that orgasmic water of life.  Time ages perfection! It is the feel of fresh rain, of golden sun and brisk breath-taking winds.

A drink like no other - there's history in each and every drop, lives lived, deaths died, lies told and scolds sighed. It is more than than that , so much more...that precious treacly gold which I imbibe.

Here's to you all.