Friday 25 February 2022

Ode to my dram

 I've always liked a dram of whisky - or whiskey since I often stray from the Scotch variety - but over these last few years I've gotten into the drink in a big way. That is I've stopped just drinking the stuff, though I do a fair bit of that, and started to evaluate what it is that makes that golden liquid in the glass so alluring. Drinking whisky/whiskey is more than the simple act of glass to mouth and swallow; it is a journey across fragrant pastures, through fields of corn and grain, into oaky casky caverns, charred walls of grapey residue. A red nosed Tomb Raider, exploring, seeking, longing sustenance - that orgasmic water of life.  Time ages perfection! It is the feel of fresh rain, of golden sun and brisk breath-taking winds.

A drink like no other - there's history in each and every drop, lives lived, deaths died, lies told and scolds sighed. It is more than than that , so much more...that precious treacly gold which I imbibe.

Here's to you all.


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