Wednesday 13 March 2024


 The UK's new tax on vaping which will come into force in 2026 is not only immoral but patently insane, and will hit those reformed smokers, those that can ill afford it, very hard. It will also make it less desirable for addicted smokers to finally try an healthier alternative. Let's not kid ourselves, though. The government are not concerned about public health - they just want our money. The new taxation on vaping proves this beyond any reasonable doubt.

The media, those wonderful politically motivated tabloid's, have empowered the government to push this tax by scaremongering for years about the amount of children who use vapes, because they are perceived as being cool, but this is just a smoke screen to allow the government to tax the most successful smoking cessation device there has ever been. Yeah, children should not be vaping and it is a problem - but put into perspective - Thirty years ago those self same children would be turning to cigarettes. Instead they vape and get hooked on nicotine that way, but it doesn't lead to cigarettes. 

    It just keeps them vaping. 

Something that the NHS claim is 95% safer than smoking. That's the science and not some tabloid bull-crap designed to convince concerned parents that vaping is just as bad as smoking. Even sticking your head out of the window in a busy city and breathing in the air is not 95% safer than smoking. That's a fact so let's spin this fact in the style of those irresponsible newspapers and state - VAPING IS EVEN SAFER THAN BREATHING. That statement is, of course, ridiculous but there's more actual truth in it than most of the anti-vape nonsense printed in the newspapers and then swallowed up by a gullible public.

Child vaping risks becoming ‘public health catastrophe’ in UK, experts warn - so ran a headline in that left wing bog paper, The Guardian.

Reading the Guardian is a fucking catastrophe in itself. Even their crosswords are infantile and wouldn't tax someone with the attention span of a goldfish.

 When I was eleven years old there were no vapes and like many kids my age I started smoking - everyone did in the 1970's. I quickly became hooked and remained so until I was fifty years of age. I tried countless times to quit but couldn't manage it. I tried nicotine patches from my doctor, nicotine gum, but nothing worked. There's an important point there. Nicotine in itself is not really harmful, doctors will prescribe patches and gum. I always had a roll up ciggie in my hand, at my worse point going through a pouch of tobacco a day, 50 to 60 smokes a day. Smoking defined me, from my shortage of breath to my yellowed fingers.

 When I was fifty I finally managed to quit thanks to vaping nicotine salts. I quickly went from spending upwards of sixty quid a week to around a tenner. That is after the initial outlay of buying my vape mod, of course. I've not smoked now for more than five years, and as far as I'm concerned vaping is the best public health invention there has ever been.

The government controls vaping now under the tobacco/smoking laws. Vaping is not smoking. There is no fucking smoke, and there's certainly no tobacco. And yet imbeciles swallow the rhetoric. This is the same thing as say controlling consumption of soft drinks under alcohol laws. What the fuck is the matter with everyone? Are we all that stupid? Can't we distinguish between smoke, the product of combustion with vaping which involves no combustion?

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Your post was a delightful exploration of the topic. Thanks for sharing!

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