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Monday, 28 April 2014

Vintage Paperbacks

I'm pleased with my latest haul from Cardiff's Troutmark Books - I'm especially pleased with the Executioner paperbacks as all of these are early entries in the series, and actually written by Don Pendleton himself. The author wrote 37 of the books in the long running series which as of Jan 2014 numbered 423 titles.

The Executioner books were everywhere when I was a kid, and I read one or two of the titles but I always leaned more towards the western paperbacks which, like the Executioner books, were aimed at a male adult readership.

 The titles are Nightmare in New York (book 7), Assualt on Soho (book 6) and Boston Blitz (book12). Of course all of the books are standalone novels and I'm looking forward to catching up on these classics of a bygone period in publishing, and all are in pretty good condition and make nice additions to my collection of classic paperbacks.

Company K by William March I'd never heard of but picked it up because of the World War 1 setting. According to the WIKI, March had a lot of critical respect but was never attained popular status with the reading public. Apparantly Company K was based on his own wartime experiences and I'm looking forward to reading this. This edition was published Corgi Books in 1968 with a cover price of 3s 6d and apparently the novel is still in print today. I've moved this to the top of my TBR pile and it'll likely be the next book I read.

I rounded off my haul with two westerns - the second book in the Hawk series by William S. Brady and the fifth book in the short lived but excellent Gunslinger series.

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Oscar said...

Nice addition to your library.