Monday 24 June 2024

EXCLUSIVE: The colour Kindle is now official.

 The rumours that Amazon's Kindle eReader - still the market leader in eInk devices - will finally be turning colour, seem to be official. There are already full colour eInk devices out there and the Kobo Libra colour has been garnering rave reviews and even tempting some avid digital readers to switch from the Amazon eco-system, so it seems that Amazon either have to take the jump to color or risk becoming old hat in an ever developing market.

Ever since tech analyst,   Ming-Chi Kuo of Tianfeng International Securities        made a prediction that Amazon would release the new colour devices in 2025, fans have been eager to get official news of the new versions of the legendary Kindle. Ming-Chi Kuo is usually correct with his predictions and is much respected in the Tech world. He predicted that Amazon would release a 6 inch device as well as a 10 inch model which would use the new eInk ACep technology. This is a far more advanced system of colour eInk than that found on other eReaders. 

The global market for colour readers is expected to hit 15 - 20 million units annually by 2025 so Amazon really can't afford to lose market share.

Still we've been promised colour eReaders from amazon before and as far back as 2021 it was expected that the Kindle would finally take the leap but it hasn't happened yet. I myself have been using Kindle for many years - I got my first kindle in 2011, the one with a physical keyboard  and used that happily until the Paperwhite was released and for several years now my main device has been the Kindle Oasis. You only have to check this blog's Archives to see The Tainted Archive has always championed eBooks and eReaders, and the Kindle especially.

 But lately I've been considering moving away from Amazon after seeing so many glowing reports of the Kobo Libra colour. Today, I was about to take the plunge but I knew I'd miss the ease of the Kindle eBook store, and so I started a chat on the Amazon helpline and I told them I was thinking of switching to Kobo unless, Amazon could ensure me we would see a colour Kindle soon. The reply I got from the helpdesk, likely a chat-bot, was:

Amazon have yet to make an official announcement - so, has the chat-bot  given me an exclusive on their colour device plans?

The reply is kind of confusing - the line (all that is about to change in 2025) seems a factual statement that colour devices are on the way, and yet the line - (still in the planning stages of a colour revolution) doesn't sound like a definite release, but ABOUT TO CHANGE IN 2025 is an exciting statement.

The Kindle has done more than any other device to popularise the use of eReaders and a colour device is the next natural step. I do hope the new devices have physical buttons like the Oasis. I do like those buttons.

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