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Sunday, 20 February 2011

The animated Star Trek now available for free online.

Star Trek: The Animated series is now free to watch online - all 22 episodes have been added to the official Star Trek website HERE. However this only applies to the USA and fans outside get the dreaded, this show is not available in your geographic region message.

Star Trek The Animated Series, which aired for two seasons in 1973 and 1974, featured most of the Star Trek: The Original Series characters, who were voiced by the original actors.


John Cox said...

Thanks. I've been watching these on DVD and, I gotta say, they're pretty darn good (story-wise). The episode where they begin to shrink is downright excellent.

John Sinclair said...

Bought the set a few months ago. Great stories, crap animation - and I mean Saturday morning mid-70s constantly rerunning the same movements and actions crap. And that's the lowest level of crap you can get before hitting Harlem Globetrotters and Hair Bear Bunch bad where they would have the wrong backgrounds in a scene, or Ralph Bakshi Marvel Superheroes 60s bad where as well as repetition they would have spelling mistakes in the titles....!

Barbara Martin said...

I've been picking up the fan collection sets on DVD of Star Trek: Captains Log, Star Trek: Time Travel and Star Trek: Q. I think I'd rather see the old reruns on DVD than venture out to an animated series.

Charles Gramlich said...

thanks for this. I'll definitely check it out. I've never seen all the episodes but the ones I did see I liked.