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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Behind the scenes

In the previous post I offered some news on the development of my novel, The Tarnished Star into a movie. The man directing is Neil Jones and below I've embedded a behind the scenes look at his latest film, Risen. Expect a full review, together with an interview with Neil, here soon. Risen the DVD is available for pre-order now


Davieboy said...

Hey man, just ordered your book, "The Tarnished Star", it'd better be good! Thought I'd get the hardback as it will no doubt be priceless when your name hits the cinema hoardings! Anyway, your blog's given me tons of pleasure since I discovered it, so it's the least I can do.
BTW Watched "The Searchers" today, first time in years, largely down to your glowing tribute. I agree there's tons to admire in the movie, but much of it is very dated (BTW I'm the same age as the movie, born 1956). Wayne is indeed immense, and the final shot of him framed in the doorway can compete for America in the intergalactic Oscars, but I was put off almost immediately when the credits say "Texas 1868" clearly overlayed on a scene of Monument Valley in Utah. I guess people weren't so god-damn knowing in those days.
Much of the dialogue is stilted,and there's a lot of people throwing stuff to the floor in exasperation. Some of the comic scenes now miss the mark, but the score is fab, the scenery great and Wayne majestic. Oh, and Natalie Wood is luminous.
Doesn't touch Shane though!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Thanks you for buying Tarnished Star and I hope you enjoy it. Agree High Noon is brilliant but I still prefer The Searchers, though I would agree that it has dated somewhat. Still a better western - that'll be the day.