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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Farewell my Lovely...again

BBC Radio 4, last night broadcast the third in their full cast radio plays based on Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe stories. Farewell my Lovely is available for the next seven days on the BBC iPlayer HERE

The continuing series (Saturday nights on Radio Four) will present all of the Marlowe stories. The three so far have been excellent and Toby Stephens makes a great Marlowe.

Toby Stephens
When Philip Marlowe sees a huge, loudly dressed man casually throwing a bouncer out onto the the pavement as he goes into a bar, he knows it's time to walk away, so he follows him inside. The big guy is Moose Molloy, recently released from an eight year prison sentence and now on the hunt for his old sweetheart, a red-haired nightclub singer named Velma Valento.
Marlowe follows a trail which includes a stick-up, blackmail, an irresistible blonde, a psychic, drugs and murder, and it leads him all the way to the top of a corrupt state of California.
Farewell My Lovely was the second of Chandler's novels featuring Marlowe. It was adapted for the big screen three times.


Davieboy said...

I'll take this opportunity to mention one of my all-time fave movies, "The Long Goodbye", the Robert Altman version with Elliot Gould about as world-weary as Phillip Marlowe can get. Great acting from the likes of Sterling Hayden and Nina von P. (of "Nina & Frederick" fame). A shockingly stunning cameo from Mark Rydell, whilst a young Arnie hovers menacingly in the background. And to cap it all a truly fab score by John Williams.
Of course, anything Chandleresque is fabulous by default.

BTW Just bought "Arkansa Smith" - I'm working backwards!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Thanks for picking up Arkansas -funnily enough I'm near to completing the first draft of the next Arkansas story. And regarding

The Long Goodbye, Altman's version, I've not seen it in years but actually bought the DVD only this week. Expect a review here soon.