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Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Horse Opera Renaissance

 From Black Horse Extra issue 21

"Just two issues ago, the Extra featured a Hoofprints item from reader Leigh Alver, of Perth, Australia. It said, in part, "I love a good western, mostly in the gritty style with the imperfect hero who is faced with tough decisions and short odds. I see debate touches on whether the western can rise to (mass) popularity again, and the answer is, who knows? .... I think a good story well told will find a readership that extends beyond its genre. My favourite of all favourite westerns is True Grit, not because it is a western but because it is a great, great story, with wonderfully drawn characters, a super plot (quest) and reads off the page like music to the ear – it is an absolute joy. In fact, I would put it up there with the great classics like Moby Dick and Treasure Island, and they are almost without peer as stories of individual character and adventure...."   Since then, Charles Portis's True Grit has appeared in its second movie version.  GARY DOBBS, aka BHW author JACK MARTIN, often himself on-screen as an actor, brings us some thoughts on the new film's remarkable reception, and the chance it might offer...." FIND THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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Chap O'Keefe said...

Reader Leigh Alver has emailed the BH Extra's Feedback address to say:

"I thoroughly enjoyed Gary Dobbs' 'A Horse Opera Renaissance', and agree that the Coen Brothers may well have sparked renewed public interest in the Western with the success of True Grit. Just how 'all things Western' are now able to tap into that interest I don't know, but it could be worthwhile just keeping the conversation going...."

Leigh also revealed that since he last contacted the Extra, he has become new BHW writer Lee Clinton and has a website promoting his book, Raking Hell, which will be published tomorrow.

Welcome, Leigh, and congratulations!