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Thursday, 17 February 2011


New edition, new design
In a previous post I revealed the cover design for the large print paperback edition of, The Tarnished Star. It was a great image but the JPG provided by the publisher was too small to do the image justice and increasing the size caused too much breaking up of the pixels.

And so I have now secured a larger JPG image, courtesy of Linford Westerns.

The paperback edition will be published 1st March and is available for pre-order now from Amazon and all the usual retailers.

Linford will also publish a large print paperback of Arkansas Smith later this year, and then in July comes my newest western, The Ballad of Delta Rose from Black Horse Westerns. All in all it looks to be an active year on the Jack Martin front as I also prepare for scripting duties on the movie version of The Tarnished Star which will go into production very soon with award winning director, Neil Jones at the helm.

The original hardcover
But all this new product is in one sense all old stuff - The Tarnished Star was first published in 2009 and the hardcover of Arkansas Smith a year later. And because of lead times and so forth the mss for The Ballad of Delta Rose has been with the publishers for the best part of a year. At the moment I'm actually working on the final stages of Arkansas Smith: The Tumbleweed Trail, the second adventure to feature the fastest gun in the West, which should then see print some time next year. Once that's done I need to get on with the proofing of my eBook project, Riding the Western Trail which I hope to publish to Kindle and other eFormats this summer. Riding the Western Trail will be a collection of short stories and an all new novella from the pen of Jack Martin. And there's so many other things to do - I'm working on an article concerning George G. Gilman's Edge for Paperback Fanatic, learning scripts, blogging away like mad and hoping to get something to eat sometime soon.

As always - watch this space for news

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Davieboy said...

Any book-signing tours in the offing?