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Monday, 28 February 2011

Well that's a surprise

Back in the day, this would have been called, "an happening." The hype surrounding the new band to rise out of the ashes of Oasis has been such that this has been the most eagerly awaited album in years. Mind you this band is basically Oasis minus Noel.

I was expecting a car crash of an album as I think  were a lot of people  - would Liam mess up without Noel's guiding hand?

The truth is quite the opposite and whilst the album doesn't contain a track like, 'Don't Look Back In Anger,' or 'Wonderwall,,' There are no such  anthems as those that got the world singing, but it is far better than the last few Oasis albums.

At times it sounds like The Who, at others like The Beatles and surprisingly The Monkees. Liam's vocal on Millionaire sounds as if John Lennon was doing a Davy Jones impression. Yep, Liam Gallagher may be a fucking idiot but he's our fucking idiot - the lyrics may make no sense but there are some good tunes here - Morning Sun stood out for me. I think the one thing that stops the listener taking the album seriously, is that Liam still tends to put himself across like the teenage rebel in his lyrics, and yet when away from the recording studio he's pushing a clothing line and taking the kids to school.

And what about Noel?
Liam recently spoke to Uncut magazine on that very subject and said,

"It's all very hush-hush 'round his camp. I put up with 18 years of that fucker so I'm arsed what he's doing. I'm sure it will be all very civilised and grown-up. One of those gigs you can really stroke your chin at. With four rent-a-Scousers wearing shell-suits. This is the whole fucking myth, mate. Me and him never really spent any time with each other. He did the soundcheck. I walked onstage, had it, went backstage, had a drink. He'd go to his room... fuck knows what he'd get up to there, probably putting women's clothes on."

Still it's Noel's solo album we are really waiting for...

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