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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Judge Dredd - can we expect another Mega City Flop?

Recent reports are that Alex Garland has taken over the post-production editing of "Dredd" from director Pete Travis after so-called creative differences arose between the production staff and the producers.It seems that arguments arose over the footage the director was delivering to the studio.

The movie is set for release next September; however, the changes taking place did not rule out the re-shooting of some scenes, sources told the Times newspaper.

Fans of the character, and I include myself among them, have high hopes for this movie, though indications are that it may have to go through extensive reshoots before it's ready for release. The latest reports are that director, Peter Travis is now off the picture and that writer, Alex Garland is taking a larger part in the editing room.

Shades of the dreadful (pun intended) Sylvester Stallone Dredd movie here, and it will be a crushing blow if this movie turns out to also be dire. The producers of the first Dredd movie seemed to treat the character too much like a superhero, and if reports are true then that is also what has happened here. For a Dredd movie to work and remain true to the original character it needs to take on the feel of the original Robocop movie, which would have made a great Dredd film.

As Dredd would say - Drok!!!

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