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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Walking Dead - season 2, episode 2

Take last week’s cliffhanger and run with it, leaving us with an even bigger cliffhanger and that’s what this second episode does.

There’s an odd moment in this episode that worries me – it’ s as if the writers have lost track of Rick’s character and there is an entire subplot involving Rick that makes no sense. Rick’s son is lying shot in bed at a secluded farmhouse – he is being treated by a vet (well as Rick points out we can’t shop around for a surgeon) and Rick has to be on hand to provide regular blood transfusions if the boy if to live. What does Rick do? Well he wants to leave the boy and go off in search of his wife, knowing that the boy could die at any moment.  Rick has to be talked out of leaving several times and at one point even restrained by Shane. Why such a pragmatic man doesn’t send Shane or his newfound friends off to find his wife and the other survivors while he remains with his son, seems odd.

This episode is light on the walkers, at least until the excellent climax, and concentrates on character moments. Andrew Lincoln is excellent again, as are the rest of the superb cast. The writers seem to be using Daryl’s character for comic relief in this episode and whilst it works well here, one gets the feeling that too much of this could detract from the excellent character development we’ve seen thus far.

Overall another excellent episode with a nail-biting ending.

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