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Saturday, 15 October 2011

THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON TWO - Let's munch those brains

It returns to US screens this Sunday night (UK viewers will have to wait an whole week) and anticipation is running high for this groundbreaking TV series, but will it continue the quality set during the first season?
The first season proved that movie type visuals could be shown on the small screen and the writers made good use of the extended time to tell their story, however there has been much trouble with the production during its time off screen. The off-season turmoil and ensuing shake-ups meant that  first the writers and then showrunner Frank Darabont himself, were ejected from the show.

This second season is in different creative hands, and historically when this type of thing happens the result is a severe drop in  quality.

Will The Walking Dead suffer the same fate?

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