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Monday, 17 September 2012

Countdown to Skyfall - Roger I've bonked Moore than Bond

According to Sir Roger Moore, when it comes to women, it’s a case of, well, ‘Moore. The 84-year-old actor claims he ‘mesmerized’ the ladies, bedding even more than the debonair spy himself. Sir Roger, who has been married four times, confessed he had lost count of the exact number of women he had slept with – but knows it’s more than 007. Much Moore.

In the 22 Bond films to date, the spy has had 51 lovers, of whom 16 met sticky ends – most notably Jill Masterton in Goldfinger, who suffocated after being covered in gold paint.  Sir Roger said many of his own conquests confused him with Bond or Simon Templar, his character in 1960s TV series The Saint,and that he bedded far more than James Bond himself who was a bit of a prude in comparison with good old Rog.

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