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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Is 3D Dredd?

Dredd, starring Karl Urban, has underperformed at the box office and the likely reason seems to be that the film is only shown in 3D - Last weekend, Dredd, brought in just $6.3 million in US domestic ticket sales. Not only was that well off the $50 million Lions Gate Entertainment  paid to produce the film, Box Office Mojo reports, but it was also about half the $12.3 million the original brought in during its opening weekend. We've seen this pattern throughout the summer. Big-name comic book films continue to win, but 3-D, as a group, has lost its luster. Animated 3-D winners Brave, from Disney's Pixar, and Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, each barely managed to get a third of viewers to pony up for 3-D showings, trade journal The Hollywood Reporter noted last July.

I was eager to see Dredd but I don't like 3D - not only do we lose almost 30% light but the process also gives me a headache and according to a recent report I am not alone, with 20% of people reporting that 3D leaves them with a headache. It is also a fact that  a typical 3D system can lose as much as 80 percent or more of the light from a 2D system on the same screen,

The Dredd 3D story is the same in the UK where Dredd haD a strong opening but ticket sales have tailed off dramatically for its second week.

I guess I'll wait for the 2D version of Dredd on DVD as I really do find 3D painful to watch.

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