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Friday, 15 February 2013

Bond is Back!

Skyfall hits DVD this coming Monday in the UK, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again after being blown away in the cinemas. I still feel that Daniel Craig is not right for James Bond but this time out he was excellent, and gave a performance that did feel Bondian. It also helped that the blackness of his first two Bond movies was lightened with the reintroduction of Q and Moneypenny - prior to Skyfall the Daniel Craig Bond movies were miserably bleak. Of course Craig's first Bond, Casino Royale is hailed as being the closest the franchise has managed to get to the spirit of Ian Fleming - it's not, though and the Bond of Skyfall is closer to Fleming's creation and it's also a far more enjoyable film than the vastly overrated Casino Royale.

I loved Skyfall which surprised me since I am not a fan of Casino Royale and I walked out of the cinema half way through Quantum of Solace. As far as I was concerned Pierce Brosnan's last stab at the part, for all its faults,was the last real James Bond movie I'd seen and the two Craig movies that followed were merely Borne derivatives. That was until Skyfall and by ten minutes into the movie I felt like cheering, at last James Bond was back.

The special features on the UK DVD are listed thus:

Special Features:
  • Title Sequence--Working Titles
  • Women--The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful
  • Locations--License To Travel
  • DB5--Behind the Wheel
  • Soundtrack Promotional Spot
And no doubt there will be an extended edition out later in the year - this seems to be the way DVD works these days, so fans may want to consider this when buying Skyfall. I'll be buying one this week, though and won't bother with the inevitable special edition. I've got far too many DVD's as it is.

Still Skyfall is pure Bond and I'm looking forward to seeing Craig's next Bond movie - ain't that a turn up for the book! I was one of those who maintained that Daniel Craig was not James Bond, but after Skyfall I think he finally fits the tux.

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Tom said...

I like the DVD cover of the UK release. The US packaging is a bit different.