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Monday, 18 February 2013

Skyfall DVD

Just watched Skyfall again - the DVD hit the stores today and I've not revised my opinion one little bit. I loved it in the cinema and I still love it on DVD. Skyfall, to my mind, is Daniel Craig's best Bond movie and represents a true return to classic 007. The producers seem to have given up on buggering about with the formula and have brought back all that made the 007 series unique from other action movies. Daniel Craig still gives his hard edged performance but thankfully things have lightened up considerably from the previous two Bond movies.

Casino Royale, Craig's debut, was an OK action movie but it didn't really feel like Bond and was much too dark and the less said about Quantum of Solace the better, but with Skyfall many of the classic elements are returned to the franchise and not before time - we get Moneypenny, we get Q, we get a new we also get much of the outlandishness that's been missing since Daniel (miserable bastard) Craig slipped on the tux.

If you've not seen Skyfall yet then go get the DVD. This is one of the better Bond movies.


Buddy2Blogger said...

I agree that Skyfall is Craig's best Bond movie. I enjoyed the nods to the previous Bond movies.

I did feel that the movie was (heavily) inspired from The Dark Knight trilogy. Some of the plot elements and scenes were quite similar.

Did you get those vibes as well, Gary.


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I'm not really sure - I do think Skyfall is a better movie that Dark Knight Rises. Though there are stylistic similarities I suppose but where Dark Knight seemed to drag in the middle, Skyfall just zipped along.