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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The funny side of Hitler

The latest eBook sensation is a comedy about Adolf Hitler and it's already been a massive success in Germany with the soon to be published translated  version predicted to become a worldwide smash.

The novel is called “Er Ist Wieder Da,” and if you’re rusty on your German, that translates to “He’s Back” — and “he" is. Timur Vermes’ debut picks up on Hitler’s story after he falls into a coma in 1945 to awaken in 2011 and become a celebrity figure.

Vermes’ novel  comments on the obsession modern society has over the Nazi party leader as well as the fervor of the German people who followed the evil creed, eighty years ago.

"I want to show that Hitler would have a chance to succeed nowadays just as he did back then, just in another way. “Er Ist Wieder Da,” Hitler becomes a media celebrity, gets a role on a TV show, and enters politics to campaign “against dog muck and speeding. Vermes told The Guardian newspaper.

The 400-page novel has already sold its film rights along with seventeen foreign licenses. Its publication date is set in Britain and the US for late 2013