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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Full steam ahead...

It's been a good week for me - yesterday I had the stitches, all 43 of them, out of my forehead following the operation to have the basal cell cancer removed, and although the scar is still visible I am told that in time it will fade to virtually nothing - I will likely look like Brad Pitt, my surgeon joked. More like a coal pit my partner countered, and I'm thinking that I'd much rather look like Clint Eastwood.

 The best news was  that the biopsy results revealed that the cancer had been completely removed.

I'll now have three bi-monthly follow up appointments to ensure there is no further problems and after that I'll be discharged.

I can now get on with my life - the last few months have been a grind and I've found myself completely blocked - unable to write anything. I don't really believe in writer's block but I guess with everything going on I was unable to give my work the concentration it needed. From now on though it is all systems go and I'll be throwing myself fully into my work as well as bringing the Archive back up to speed.

Thank you all, readers of both the Archive and my various bookies - your well wishes have meant a lot to old Brad Dobbs.


Jerry House said...

Good news. No cancer...and (one assumes) no brains leaked out!

Davieboy said...


Seriously Though said...

very happy to hear you are good to go and healing up.

Jullie Smith said...

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