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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The best and worse Star Trek Movies

Spock does his William Shatner impersonation - Khhhaaaannnn!
I've just watched Star Trek: Into Darkness for the second time - the first time was at the cinema on opening night and now that it's out on DVD I was able to settle back in the comfort of my home cinema and whilst I've not really revised my opinion on the movie, its shortcomings did become more apparent away from the excitement of the big screen opening. Into Darkness is a fine SF adventure film but it's not really Star Trek...not real Star Trek.

The cast are mostly excellent and Karl Urban is remarkable as Bones McCoy and even Chris Pine's Kirk contains the essence of the Kirk we grew up with. Much as been made of Zachary Quinto's Spock but the character must have been the easiest to recreate given that there is so much make up - you can put the pointy ears on anyone and have them stand around like a robot to bring Spock to life. Simon Pegg's turn as Scotty this time out is far broader in comedy terms than in the first Trek reboot and to be honest it gets tiresome. And what the fuck is the point of his little alien buddie who seems to have wandered over from Star Wars?

Still it's an enjoyable enough SF film and if you don't mind a plot that hinges on magic blood and really makes no sense at all then you'll enjoy it, but if you're a die hard Trekkie then you'll likely hate it - in fact Star Trek: Into Darkness was recently voted the worse Trek film of all by the attendees of a Star Trek convention held in Las Vegas. The odd thing is that in the poll the spoof movie Galaxy Quest (not a Star Trek movie at all) came in at No 7 ahead of all of the Next Generation Star Trek movies with the obvious exception of First Contact which came in at No 2. Below are the Trek movies rated from best to worse by Fans at the Star Trek 2013 Convention in Las Vegas

Fans at the Star Trek 2013 Convention in Las Vegas were asked to rank thirteen movies: the twelve official Star Trek movies and 1999′s Galaxy Quest, an underrated parody of the fandom. Attendees at Jordan Hoffman’s “One Trek Mind Live” panel ranked the thirteen movies, with the results being about what we expected:
  1. BESTStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  2. Star Trek: First Contact
  3. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  5. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
  6. Star Trek (2009)
  7. Galaxy Quest
  8. Star Trek Generations
  9. Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  10. Star Trek Nemesis
  11. Star Trek Insurrection
  12. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  13. WORSTStar Trek Into Darkness

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Cowboy Yogi said...

The new movies are fun, but no one explores new worlds, seeks out new civilizations, or new hope, and no one boldly goes where no one has gone before.