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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

They do make em like that any-more... or at least they try

The original Team
2005's re-imagined Kojak may have only lasted the one season, but the all new Hawaii Five O's been a success for CBS and next month will see the return of yet another classic TV cop, or rather a new take on yet another classic TV cop when Blair Underwood becomes the paralysed detective, Ironside.

Mind you Kojak is far from dead and Vin Diesel is to play the bald cop for a big screen version of the iconic show. There's also stirrings of another take on both Starsky and Hutch and Macmillan and Wife.

Of course Starsky and Hutch's has already spawned a successful 2004 movie, but most fans will agree that the movie, whilst having some good moments, wasn't a patch on the original TV series.

"All new characters, a new city, new texture, new storytelling, new audience,''  Blair Underwood talking about the all new Ironside.

The new Ironside
In fact such is the nostalgia for the cop shows of the past that TV and movie bosses feel they are onto a good thing by rebooting that which worked in the past. After all, the logic goes, if it was a hit once then there is no reason why it can't be again. This doesn't always pan out - think of the 2009 version of The Prisoner and the dismal 1998 big screen version of the much loved The Avengers - that's John Steed and not Captain America. And remember the remakes of both The Bionic Woman and Knight Rider were major disappointments. And TV remakes of Charley's Angels and The Rockford Files seemed to have stalled at pilot stage.

It remains to be be seen whether the new Ironside will sink or swim but one thing that is certain is that TV bosses will continue to revive much loved TV shows in the hope of once again striking gold.


Hoppy Uniatz said...

"All new characters, a new city, new texture, new storytelling, new audience"

So basically nothing in common with the old show except the name.

Well, at least they're up front about it!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

One intriguing aspect of the new show seems to be that Ironside will be seen in regular flashbacks from before he was paralysed. I'm interested in seeing how they work that into lucid storytelling week in and week out.