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Monday, 17 March 2014

Commando: First Fight for Flanders

Amongst the latest batch of Commando titles to hit the shelves is another WW1 set story. First Fight for Flanders written by George Low and drawn by Keith Page takes place during the first battle of Flanders when the invading German army were trying to break through to the Channel Coast.

The plot is carried forward by the antagonism felt by a young private to his cowardly commanding officer. The two men have a history from just before the war and the young private knows that his CO may have been the man responsible for blinding his younger brother in a shooting accident.

The story is tightly plotted and the art by Keith Page is perfectly suited to the events portrayed. I love the Commando books and I'm enjoying their current World War 1 series.

The other three titles in the shops at the moment are World War II adventures with Seaplane Strike and  The Invisible Warrior looking at the Eastern Theater of War while Zero Bashers deal with the air war.

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