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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Audiobooks, Miss Marple on steroids and a deadly frog or two.....

Granny Smith Investigates has been a great success for me, and kicked off the Granny Smith series - so I am especially excited to sign up with Audible for the book to be turned into an eBook. The title is currently in the early stages of production, - this means that voice actresses are currently  being auditioned to the read the story, and I anticipate having some big news within the next few weeks. There are two other books currently available in the series, though the third title, The Welsh Connection is actually a short story, and a fourth book, Murder Plot will see publication this March.

I am hoping that the audiobook release coinicides with the next Granny Smith book, Murder Plot which is due for publication at the end of this coming March - it will certainly be nice if it works out that way, but the audiobook production is the resonsibility of the experts at Audible, and this is a new venture for me so I'm not sure how long the process actually takes. All I know is that voice actresses are currently being auditioned to read the title.

The Granny Smith series are what you would call cozy crimes, though I prefer the description, comedic capers. Ah well, I'm funny that way. And if you haven't read any of the books, and you fancy catching up on this senior detective then why not check out the books. The easiest way of getting hold of titles is to pop over to Amazon where there are some great offers on the Kindle versions, though they are available for other eBook platforms as well, and can be found at most eBook sales websites. 
A delightful story with an unpredictable plot, remarkable characters, unrealistic happenings that combine for an engaging lighthearted read. Granny Smith, named after the apple convincingly morphs into "Miss Marple on steroids". Amazon Review

The Welsh elements, the humour, the familiar characters and a well-developed plot combine to produce a better than average cozy mystery. What more could you ask for? Apart from the next in the series? Amazon Review

The first title in the series, Granny Smith Investigates sees the intrepid slueth, Miss Marple on steroids, Batman with dentures, trying to solve the murder of her next door neighbour, while the second, The Deadly Frogs finds Granny up to her neck in murder and mayhem when she gets herself involved with a group of enviromentalists who are trying to save a pond containing rare frogs from property developers. The third title, The Welsh Connection is a short story that proves that no matter where  Granny goes murder is not far behind and terror comes to Eurodisney.

I downloaded this book and couldnt put it down its brilliant granny smith is a no nonsense lady that has an way of getting to the truth which is sheer brilliance she really is miss marple on steroids cant wait for the next book in the series. Amazon Review

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I hopw yhou do great with the Audio. Congrats!