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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Batman V Superman: What Happens Next?

The hot rumour around the Internet is that Warners will release a three hour Director's Cut of the movie, Batman V Superman in an attempt to bring in more revenue from a film which has been underperforming at the box office. After a strong opening the film saw a huge decline in ticket sales following the first few days of theatrical release. Official figures state that the drop in ticket sales was as high as 69% which puts it in the same bracket as 2003 mega flop, The Hulk. However I would say it would be unlikely that the Director's Cut will get a theatrical release as the risk of low ticket sales would be too great. It is most likely that the longer cut will be released only in DVD format.

Batman V Superman was supposed to launch the Justice League of America movie, but the latest reports are that JLA will now be held back while a solo Batman movie goes into production in the place of the planned JLA - Warners say JLA will still happen, but this is very much uncertain. If a solo Batman movie did flop then that would likely put a stop to Warner's, DC Comics plans for some time.

What was wrong with Batman V Superman then? It  wasn't quite as terrible as many critics said, but it certainly wasn't a particularly good film. The much anticipated battle between Superman and Batman was anticlimactic and ending  the fight when Batman discovers Supes mother was also called Martha, was fucking stupid. There was also that ever so boring first hour when the films made no sense and almost sent me to sleep. Things did get better when Batman and Superman was on screen but again it was not as explosive as it should have been.

Official word is that Warner will stick with director, Zack Snyder but after the mess he made of both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, this would seem like an insane decision. However rumours are that Snyder will not now direct JLA, though Warners are insisting otherwise.

Batman V Superman's $1bn (£710m) global takings mark, which seemed a certainty after the opening weekend, now looks in serious threat of not materialising. Gitesh Pandya, the founder of Box Office Guru website, has predicted a worldwide final of around $900m (£638m), around twice the amount of the film's rumoured $400m+ budget. The reason for the relatively poor performance lies in the lack of repeat viewings from super fans, says box office experts. People went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens several time but it seems with Batman V Superman that once is enough...maybe even more than enough.

"Naturally, we will evaluate what went wrong with Batman v Superman, but when it comes to Justice League, we're not going to take a movie that's supposed to be one thing and turn it into a copycat of something else," Warner Brother Spokesman speaking to Hollywood Insider

 So will we see a JLA movie?  Who knows, but Warner's have already cancelled the project once, when the proposed George Miller version was pulled at the eleventh hour - the plot of the cancelled JLA movie can be found HERE.


Oscar Case said...

It never received very good reviews that I know of around here.

Anonymous said...

An army of media criticism and marvel internet trolls came out to destroy warner bros plans for a dc comics shared universe.they failed.The disappointing box office of captain america.civil war is in result down to there game playing.