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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Crime Scene is DOA

I am devastated to learn that the current issue (no7) of Crime Scene Magazine is to be the final issue - check out my rave review of the first issue HERE.

I had a feeling that all was not well, when I picked up the latest issue as it comes in at only a hundred pages, and the features don't seem to be as in-depth as in the previous issues. The book reviews have also dwindled away to a few pages.

There is not another magazine like it on the UK stands, and I will miss the publication, and I wish the publishing team all the best in their future endeavours.

When a magazine of this quality fails to find a market, you have to wonder if the physical magazine market is dead in the water. For someone who regularly visits brick and mortar stores it is glaringly apparent that the news-stands are not as exciting as they once were.

Let's hope some other publisher steps in and takes over the title, as recently happened with Classic Rock Magazine.

Head over to Crime Fiction Lover for the full story.

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