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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Gotham Knight-animated movie

This was originally released straight to DVD a few weeks before Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight hit cinema screens. It's an anthology movie with six stories of the Dark Knight weaved together. It's set in the time between Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, though in truth it could fit anywhere into Batman's long continuity.

It did come from the producers of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies and it certainly feels like it belongs in the Nolanverse.

It's grim, it's gritty, it's dark and contains buckets of animated blood.

The animation is done anime style which provides for some truly artistic vision of the Batman legend. The first story, Have I got a story for you was my favourite and it was clever in which the Dark Knight was drawn the way differing characters perceived him, thus one one section he's little more than a shadow, in another he's a vampire like creature and in another he's an all powerful robot.

I'm a big fan of anime and the Batman universe lends itself well to such representation.

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Randy Johnson said...

This has been a favorite ever since I found it shortly after it hit DVD>